Partial Manuscripts and Short Story Services

50-Page Critiques:

This is a good option for the new writer or the writer in the early stages of a project.

Issues such as too many characters, shifting points of view, weak writing, etc., can be flagged in the early stages of the novel. Any supporting materials you can submit—a character list, a family tree, a world map, a beat sheet—will help us as I talk through your project with you.

If you’ve completed a few chapters and you need guidance or feedback, I will read about 50 pages of your manuscript, including the first chapter, and will use Word’s Track Changes to highlight problems that stand out. I can also offer video or phone chats. $25/hr.

Short Story Edits:

A skilled critique for your story before it goes out on the market. I will read for character, plot, world-building, language, structure, pacing–basically everything I read for in the Green Ink (developmental edit) for longer manuscripts. If you want me to read for something specific, I am happy to do so. Starting at $15 for stories in the flash-fiction range, $30 for short stories from 2-6k, and working up from there. Please query.

Synopsis/Cover Letter Critiques:

Synopses and cover letters can be one of the hardest parts of marketing ourselves as writers, especially because we are often so engaged with the details that it can be difficult to get perspective on the big picture. This is for the author who needs someone with no history of your project to read your synopsis and/or cover letter, and make sure it’s interesting, clear, readable, and not overlooking important information. I am happy to work closely with writers on these documents, as they tend to be both short and highly important. $25/hr.

Other services:

Rush services, phone/video chat consultation, additional rounds of editing, print layout, digital book creation, research, fact checking, writing, and cover design services available as well.

All manuscripts submitted for editing must be in the standard format appropriate for the material. (Shunn’s guide for fiction writers, for example, can be found here.) Please feel free to ask if you are not sure what that means for your project.
*Samples of editorial package materials available on request