Full Manuscript Services

Green Ink: $3.50/page

This detailed developmental edit looks at big-picture issues like plot, pacing, character development, narrative arc, voice, pacing, themes, imagery and perspective. This edit is for you if…you’ve written a full first draft of your novel or story; the idea is compelling, but the overall execution needs work; you want feedback on how to improve your plot, structure, characterization, or style.

The Green Ink editorial package includes:

  • An editorial letter (between 10-20 pages) cataloguing the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript, addressing each of the issues mentioned above and any others that are relevant at this point.
  • A chapter breakdown, with suggestions about plot organization
  • Your manuscript, with notes and suggestions from the editorial letter applied to specific moments in your text in Word’s Track Changes function
  • Two hours total of online chat or phone conversation, scheduled as necessary, at no extra charge.

Red Ink: $2.50/page

This basic copy edit looks at small-picture issues like spelling, grammar, repetitive words/phrases, consistency, and word choice. This edit is for you if … your manuscript is complete; your manuscript is not a first draft (i.e. it has been read by beta-readers or received extensive self-revision); you need a competitive edge to get it in shape for submission to agents, publishers, or self-publishing.

The Red Ink editorial package includes:

  • Your manuscript, with changes, notes, and suggestions in Word’s Track Changes function.
  • One hour total of online chat, scheduled as necessary, at no extra charge.

Purple Ink: $500

This reader’s report is a detailed critique of your manuscript for a low, flat fee. Intended to tell you what is working and what doesn’t, this report covers plot, character development, world building, voice, and writing quality, among other things. This edit is for you if … you have a (mostly complete) draft and aren’t sure how to proceed; you’re ready to start revision and want some guidance; you’ve gotten rejections but no feedback.

The Purple Ink editorial package includes:

  • An edit letter, much like the one that authors receive from agents or publishers, noting the issues and triumphs.
  • Includes one hour total of online chat, scheduled as necessary, at no extra charge.
  • Note: This is a general edit with no marks made to your files.

This service has a flat fee of $500 for all books under 90k words (roughly 350 pages). Over 90k, please inquire.

I strongly recommend the Purple Ink package as the first step in the editing process, especially for clients who have never worked with me before. This allows me to review your entire manuscript, confirm the level of editing required, and establish both how we work and how you will respond to editing notes/critiques, so that we can go forward with the rest of your edits in the way that fits you best. Plus, the fee paid for your manuscript evaluation is deducted from your overall editing fee, so you lose nothing by taking this step.

All manuscripts submitted for editing must be in the standard format appropriate for the material. (Shunn’s guide for fiction writers, for example, can be found here.) Please feel free to ask if you are not sure what that means for your project.

*Samples of editorial package materials available on request